Our story began in 1986

when we were a 4-person operation. Today, we are a 350-person operation privileged to service over 55,000 members per month across 9 cities in 6 states. We have achieved this by focusing on what matters most- people and quality. People- on our team and in need of emergency roadside service. And quality, in our customer service and everything else we do within our operations.

Our team members are important to us - they are who make us what we

To say that United is a towing company is true - but it is not the whole story of who we are. We are not only passionate about roadside assistance, but also in creating state-of-the-art locations to provide a motivating and enjoyable place to work in.

All our vehicles are equipped with the newest technology available, and all our offices have full kitchens and relaxation areas. Our Birmingham location even has a river behind it that can be swum and kayaked in!